Beware of what you can not yet see, that which is hidden,

Stepping beyond this darkened doorstep will be the end.

So sorry if you must be the ones, delighted I am truthfully,

On this night of make believe fright, tonight is reality.

Walk through my home, if I let you leave then fear will follow you home,

Down in my basement cages made, chains and shackles, do you believe.

You think this a show, fun for an October night, I know what’s real, what’s in sight,

You can’t imagine that this is for someone like you, I’ve seen this before, yes it’s true.

A tour now up to an attic, blood stains and old bones on the floor, a foul smell indeed,

Table in the corner, straps from end to end, you have no idea but I’m not your friend.

Let’s go out back where a scene of fright fills this night, open the door, step inside,

Down the stairs, you can’t believe your eyes, turn around as I’m nowhere to be found,

You are now in the dark, the door is locked, have a good night, be careful, they bite.

Keith Garrett


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