There is no big top, for the children they do not entertain,

They do not run around with smiles of delight, not tonight.

They wear expressions of emotion, what is felt inside,

Tonight faces of fear, they come out, come out from wherever they are.

Halloween when many unusual and terrifying events take place,

You look at them with smiles and frowns, are they clowns,

Perhaps their masks hide the evil terror waiting for you.

They sing and dance but not this night, they wear your fright,

As daylight disappears and the dark of night settles, they stir.

Faces of fear are alive tonight as they come for you, just you,

Masks are worn, these are their pictures of doom tonight.

A clown is a clown but for them, it’s all turned upside down,

Claws for hands here in this Halloween land, now they dance.

Teeth are shown sharp and full by misfits always laughed at,

With a touch, with a haunting laugh, you will be what they are,

Your mask will be real, it will show all that you feel, your clown.

Tonight these are the demons who wear the face you hide,

They follow you wherever you go, their gift to you is torment.

To you the gift of hell and pain is from them, their mask is you,

Your nightmare is a clown, you awake a nightmare.

Keith Garrett



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