WHAT WATCHES Keith Garrett

The dreams were there from time to time

Haunting my mind, torment of another kind.

Alone in a house so dark, the wind howling,

I am peeking out a window into the dark of night.

In the distance he stands, a shadowy figure dressed up in black,

His clothes move with the wind, silent as he knows I am there,

I am alone and he knows of my fear.

There are times when I am walking through the streets at night,

No cars, people, as if I’m the only one in this world.

Again it is windy, dark, and always the horrible fear,

I am followed, from a distance but I know something is out there,

Nobody, no face, somewhere, always there.

My dreams are not real but now each night I peek out of the window,

Waiting for him, this dark, shadowy figure.

If I keep searching then will he appear, I find myself walking,

The dark, night streets wondering if he follows,

Imagining him out there, somewhere.



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