I was dazed and confused, sick again,

It was nobody’s fault but mine, too much custard pie.

During the battle of evermore, down by the seaside eating a tangerine,

I lived in good times, bad times, I had friends who died.

Traveled did I to the houses of the holy, I was the rover,

Ten years gone by now, how many more times for war.

I visited the black mountainside, there she stood a black country woman,

A mean black dog she had by the name of Kashmir.

She took a walk with me out on the tiles, a night flight,

For your life you had to fight, live by the laws of the land or see the gallows pole.

In the light her eyes were bright, that’s the way she looked,

I said I can’t quit you, baby, since I’ve been loving you.

I found four sticks down by the ocean, a cross for both of us,

In my time of dying this was a celebration day,

Babe, I’m gonna leave you, I see my stairway to heaven.

Keith Garrett


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