She thought it was a dream, no one could hear her screams,

Not in a state of life or death but trapped in between.

In a world of nothing, a place where there was no sense,

She knew fear, was there a way to escape.?

This was not to be a dream, was she dead, trapped in between,

She could see and breathe, there was no path,

No clue as to which way to go, was she in hell.?

Was she dead or alive or just a nightmare inside,

Wake her from her tormentor send her off to heaven.

Trapped in between is surely not a wonderful dream,

All by herself, only the echoes of her screams.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “TRAPPED IN BETWEEN

  1. trapped in Between in my opinion is a good effort. But I not see thus if metaphors, Similes or hyperbolizes. you poem brings out the feeling you were looking for but it threw it in my face. In essence it is under developed. I would work on it some more. this is just my opinion..

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