As a child I was a dreamer, my imagination running wild,

Life was somewhat of a fairy tale, I awoke at a young age.

As my father died then much anger grew inside,

A slow process as I was shy, not really did I seem to cry.

Now a lost boy inside, kept it to myself as I played each day,

My teen years were without a father or parent who appeared invisible.

This is my view and what I believe, others may disagree but I am me,

I was never one who wanted to hurt people or animals, out of control.

I was never a bad person but did things that I would regret in many ways,

Decisions and choices would haunt to this day, some would give a change.

There are those that can not be fixed, I can mend others day by day,

A confession today, from a man who was never perfect in any way.

Keith Garrett



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