For years Christmas not celebrated, a son lost with war,

A daughter now sick “so tell me sir” what is there to enjoy.?

As this holiday approaches there are memories of sadness,

For a family of three each their own battle to overcome.

Something as a miracle is in the air on this certain Christmas,

A visitor comes to bring hope and let them see there is happiness.

A stranger yet no stranger at all, time has passed, he has for a moment come home,

” Who are you” asks a father as there is something familiar about this wandering man.

On Christmas Eve he arrived, brought smiles and laughter to a family that had no smiles,

Shared the night and changed some lives, it seemed like a family was whole once more.

Morning came and it was time for him to go, say goodbye,” Why are you here” “you needed me”,

” Merry Christmas dad”, “Merry Christmas son,” a walk on into eternity.

Keith Garrett


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