I see the days’, I listen to the world as it moves forward Into forever,

Running with the wind as it is cold, Oh! so cold, it touches my soul.

Sleep, sleep do many things lost in a dream, this is the season,

Mountains stand lonely behind the shadows visiting frequently.

Freezing rain makes its way down from the heavens’ above,

Changing as it does into white, silent snow, down, down on the road.

The sun slips sooner into the distance, darkness blankets the land,

Joy and celebration awaken to the sound of bells and Christmas dreams.

My journey through Winter is a peaceful and pleasant adventure taken,

This search of mine to find the meaning of happiness within myself.

There are those times when Imagine do I the quiet whispering in my ear,

Sounds of love wished for, only dreamed about in a romantic fantasy tale.

Believe do I the songs sung by angels Invisible, flying in the sky,

Seen in my mind are they as one by one speak to me, smiles as they fly.

This Winter there is said a certain goodbye, who will know the meaning,

My journey through Winter ends in musical tunes, sounds heard by you.

Keith Garrett



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