Keith Garrett

Hear the bells ring and the harps play as snow falls,

Through the cold, white, trails I’ll travel, I’ll find you.

Feel the wind blow, listen as it whips through the trees,

Like the eerie sound of an organ or flute being played.

For you, at Christmas, I’ll dance to angels singing softly,

Playing heavenly music on clouds high above, clouds like snow.

I’ll create a tune heard by your ears alone, love whispered,

My gift is a simple idea that all is possible, to dream, baby dream.

In the Winter evening sky may you wish upon a star, wish darling,

May peace and all the wonderful things Imagined be yours.

For you at Christmas may god shine a light down upon you,

Deliver to you a gift of a prayer that happiness is yours.

For you at Christmas, For you at Christmas, For you at Christmas.



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