When you were a kid and life seemed like forever,

When you had your favorite coloring books, remember.

Remember when the sound of the Ice cream man made you nuts,

When Saturday morning cartoons and cereal were the best.

Remember an Ice cream cone for a nickel and dime, a comic book,

When magic seemed real, monsters in the closet gave fear.

Remember when going to a drive in movie and popcorn was a treat,

Remember that first day at school and the friends you would meet,

Remember when all seemed so safe as a child so very long ago.

Keith Garrett



5 thoughts on “REMEMBER WHEN?

  1. Funny, when I saw this post, I did remember when. Why is it when I am trying to think of something now, the name or thing escapes me? I think I have it…combination of losing x number of brain cells a day, and 60 years of memories might overload my capacity.

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