See the children back in the day, at play,

Worries were few and friends we thought would never go away.

As we grow older some of that magic fades,

Young at heart is the one who can remember yesterday.

The years go by and most of us change,

No idea that walking among us or passing by may be that

Childhood friend but we no longer see them.

At times they are missed, thought of in a special way,

If ever so lucky, again we may have a moment,

A day remembering with them our time of play.

Remember yesterday, in your heart, let it remain.

Keith Garrett




  1. I love this piece! I always like thinking back to childhood memories with friends and hanging out riding bikes and such. I know my childhood years were always of playing outside… Just such fond memories.
    Kids nowadays don’t quite seem to have that anymore. It’s sad really.

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