Is it the greed of man or the built up anger of a million years,

First, we want something then we want what someone else has.

From the first discovery of land to each invention we become spoiled,

Wanting more all the time, this is mine, stay away as i am the one who found it.

Slowly making claims on pieces of this land, stay off or be shot, fences began,

From our beginning there had to be someone in charge, a leader of the group.

As time went by Leaders who wanted more, they would steal from others,

Tax their own people in villages, kingdoms, all over the world, war over land.

Kings and queens, emperors, rulers of countries, we take and take until it’s gone,

The world was meant to be shared equally with all but we all staked our claim.

A beautiful day is always whispered as we threaten one another with pain,

We fear so it is that we create weapons for protection and to bring fear.

A path of self destruction we have been traveling for so long now,

We brought this upon ourselves because we can not understand or get along.

Keith Garrett



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