He has a name, lives does he in a neighborhood, maybe yours,

You have met him before, perhaps a lifetime ago in school, he still lives.

He knows of many people and he’ll meet many more, not a friend is he,

I saw him once before, not in a dream but in my childhood reality.

More than one time did I meet him, he thought he was special as

He followed me through my younger days or waited for me to get to school.

He never goes away fore he is the cowardly bully who waits every day,

Always seeking out the weak, scared, and usually the peaceful one.

The bully torments until his weakness and cowardly ways are found out,

Although he will lose his power, again he is born with another face.

I still to this day see the bully and he has many faces of ugliness,

He can no longer touch me, He knows I’m not afraid.

The bully goes to far and each day he disappears.

Keith Garrett



12 thoughts on “THE BULLY

  1. I’ve been attacked by bullies in my life. The few times I took pity on them, I found out that they had something in their lives that altered them, made them angry, upset. I think that bullies might be very sensitive people, but haven’t had the right kind of example, love or community, and were likely bullied themselves. Still, sometime we have to watch our backs. They can still be dangerous. It sounds like you’re not going to let it take you down… I won’t either!

  2. Regarding your post about a bully; I see a bully as a persistent, annoying but dangerous coward. The good things that I can remember are that though a bully might be obsessed with harming human beings, God is still more powerful than the worst bully. Prayer, staying connected with good, honest individuals and no contact with the bully are strong, effective ways of handling disgusting, cowardly bullies.

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