Sometimes I wait for the telephone to ring,

A wanting for a voice that does not sing.

Sometimes I dream about and sometimes I cry,

Love and peace are held deep inside, understand.

Sometimes I feel that I have to go away, I stay,

So many things to do as I work and play, listen.

Sometimes I’m a very tired and complicated soul,

I’ll keep on pushing till the day grows old.

Sometimes I battle the invisible fight, my fight,

Something to prove as my time gets closer to the light.

Sometimes I search for an imagined hope of love,

Can’not find that which does not wish to be found.

Sometimes I think that I am not seen by many eyes,

Perhaps at times my mind is closed and it I who is blind.

Sometimes I wonder if the world does not need me,

As I discover a wanting for more than it holds.

Keith Garrett



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