Whatever happened to us as this is where we are,

What has brought us to this place in time, we are dying.

We are all strangers like the one standing next to me means nothing,

Nothing to each other from the beginning of time as war is always made.

When you come right down to it then the reasons are so silly, a childish game,

A game of death just the same, we’ll take that hill, storm the beaches, why.?

There’s a number of men and women that must be sacrificed to win this game,

Everyone’s afraid, why are we all running around with guns, watching the blood run.?

The bodies of lost men are scattered throughout time, in many lands, they rest alone,

The scared faces of young men with guns put in their hands, how many wonder why.

We shoot and kill those we do not even know, we change and become animals on the loose,

The soul of mankind is filled with greed and evil, wars never ending, quest for power.

Keith Garrett


10 thoughts on “SOUL OF MANKIND

  1. And yet? There is hope, my friend. Behold! The power of love from on high? Is now coming down to these brown grounds.

    No kidding, despite it all? His love and wisdom never fails. It always avails.

    That’s not a cliche. It’s the fact and truth we are all coming to.

    Much love, thiaBasilia.

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