There’s a fight for survival, it’s always the same,

I’m a player on my own team against the corporate game,

They try to steal my spirit from me, they cheat at what they do, no men of the game.

Swinging the bat, strike me out if you can,

I’ll drive the ball down your throat, I play the game fair.

There are many players on their crooked team,

They’ll walk all over each other for their own gain.

Their tactics are evil, they call it business of the day,

They try to knock me down but I’ll charge the plate.

Kick me out, swinging the bat is my way,

Bloody and broken but I’ll keep coming for more.

We can all keep score but at the end of the game,

I’ll walk off the field with my head held high,

Because dignity and pride are the names of my game.

Lies and deception or money make not the man,

Swinging the bat till the ball hits the stands.

Keith Garrett



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