You are there, somewhere in my life, you are not seen,

I know that you are afraid, there is no worry in me.

You’re out there somewhere hiding in the dark night,

Tell me who you are as you sleep quietly in the woods.

My phone rings, I know it’s you on the other side, you hide,

I should be afraid but something scares you, this is true.

Tell me who you are and maybe a little less lonely you are,

Something I can feel that tells me you are very real.

You do not stalk me as you are the one who is sought out,

You seek a friend as you run and hide from something,

Tell me who you are before you have no one at all.

Keith Garrett



2 thoughts on “TELL ME WHO YOU ARE

  1. Keith, I enjoy the mystery associated with this poem. The words leave plenty of room for the reader to fill in some of the missing bits of information. Most importantly, who is out there?

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