Lost was I within the snowy landscape of the Alaskan wilderness,

Crashed did I my plane into the chilly waters, lucky to be alive.

Made my way from the water, freezing, a few items salvaged,

Matches sealed in a bag were at this moment, my only friend.

Managed with a lot of work to get a small fire going under a tree,

Cold and alone I wondered what would become of me, tired am i.

Starting to drift into sleep, cracking of branches startled me,

When I looked up, appeared to my eyes fear, a bear silently standing there.

I couldn’t move, the bear just stared, turned and walked away,

This can not be as it must be a dream, what does this mean.?

Sleep did visit me when I awoke I was not scared, a fish lay at my feet,

In the distance the bear watched me, I cooked then ate, he walked away.

I noticed his path the same way, he roared out as if speaking to me,

I was not afraid as I followed him up the hill, he stared and then disappeared,

In front of me, over the hill sat a town alive with people, the bear.

Keith Garrett



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