Evil she is, a face so false, she smiles a phony smile, watch out!

To all that walk her path may be a friend indeed, something they don’t see.

Appears does she your average woman but look close beyond those demon eyes,

A disguise that so well she hides, I am not fooled by this daughter of fire.

She plays a game to make you believe that she is one of innocence but please!

Don’t be deceived fore as a baby her eyes did bleed, an evil stare you’ll see.

Preaches prayer, a Christian this sister, the devil’s daughter claims to be,

How could one be so cruel with a smile if a heart she claims of love and peace?

I might sound cruel and it so sad, a sister so mean and bad,

No one seems to see but a few souls and me that she pretends to be so kind.

She’ll turn on you if her path you choose not to follow, the devil’s daughter,

I wish it were not true as these are my feelings spoken out to all of you.

Again she has hurt, this time it’s me, lies and accusations, what can I do?

She needs to be destroyed but like the devil, she lives and breathes,

Faces of many she wears, no heart inside, the devil’s daughter she be.

Keith Garrett


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