Born in a town, his roots most important too him,

A mother and father, family mean so much.

Love for the land that he walks upon,

Precious is a horse he calls friend, a hard working man.

Maybe the love of a woman he holds in his heart,

A beautiful song lives in this cowboy’s many thoughts.

Integrity and honor is in the kind of person he is,

He has things of want but needs very little,

Watching the sun go down as he rests upon his horse.

He does what it takes, he stands always tall,

He gives of his heart, much heart, a cowboy’s heart.

Keith Garrett



12 thoughts on “A COWBOY’S HEART

  1. This is beautiful!
    Keith, I love this very much! I was wrote a poem Sunday about the simple man, with heart roots all the way to the next generation! I won’t post it, this one stands alone! Love the hard working cowboy, their not afraid to get dirty, and they love their woman somethin’ wonderfully true! ☀️🙂

  2. “Precious is a horse he calls friend” | Thanks once again for your wonderful poems. Take care Keith.

    PS: You don’t have to thank me for reading you. You’ re a “must read” poet.

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