If you were here then on this day you would be 87,

In heaven, you are as young as when you went away,

If this is true then I am now older than you.

I have been here to see over your birthdays as they come and go,

I was a child when you last birthday appeared,

I remember the last one when you were no longer here.

I think of you more as you always grow near each day I am here,

In my thoughts, it is that I see your smiling, yesterday face.

Did time stop for you on that long ago Fall day, do you see me as seven,

I have changed, a little boy to you just the same as a day when you changed.

You were thirty seven when time stopped, your thoughts are wondered,

There is a party for you this day, a celebration of the life you had and those you gave.

You were a Navy man, a loving dad, you were once a boy filled with joy, you were my dad,

You had a purpose, you left your mark, when I feel the wind I know you are here and everywhere.

Did you ever really leave, I sometimes don’t believe, fore how can it be, so special to me,

Happy birthday! Dad, Just as in a dream you asked, I won’t be any more sad, you were my dad.

Keith Garrett

Have a wonderful day as I think of you always.

Love you,
Your son Keith



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