I’m so angry, you didn’t have to go, why did you not speak,

You were in pain, you hid it inside like the secret of life,

Did you wear a smile on your face as each day you were scared?

Pretended did you that nothing was wrong, Mom!!! come on,

We can’t go back in time, It’s too late now as we have said goodbye.

Mom!!! I can only scream as my sound echoes across the sky, through time,

We have to be without you as you did not choose to try, kept your sickness inside.

We’ll never know as you may have survived, had the chance to laugh one more time,

Mom!!! Mom!!! I cry for you on the inside, you are somewhere this night.

Keith Garrett



8 thoughts on “MOM!!!

  1. I can relate. One day mother admonishing father to keep up with cart at grocery store , next day in hospital. Massive stage 4 cancer throughout. Lasted 6 weeks. Must have had all this inside her and advancing for 10 years. Old Sicilian women are unrelentlessly stubborn.

  2. Sometimes people think they know what’s best for them, and whether it pays to try to fight. Don’t be mad at her, Keith. Appreciate the fact that at least she raised a compassionate man. — YUR

    • I’m not mad at her, If she would have gone to the doctor 6 months ago and told him she had a small lump in breast then you never know. maybe a different outcome.

      On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 10:52 AM keithgarrettpoetry wrote:


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