The promise was made and maybe my lucky day,

Trek to the Jersey shore, myself and a leap of faith.

Waitin’ on a sunny day, none but the brave,

A travel to see the man, Bruce Springsteen, a rendezvous.

What love can do, the love of music and the price you pay,

I met up with a friend, now two faces and two hearts.

When you’re alone it’s no good, like the nothing man,

As we went further on up the road we watched the rising sun.

I put away this little light of mine, there were men working on the highway,

We said to ourselves we shall overcome, we’ll be tougher than the rest.

We passed through Youngstown, walked down Thunder Road,

We got trapped so we had to turn around.

Getting later as we could see a darkness on the edge of town,

The river was near so we camped there.

There were girls in their Summer clothes,

Suddenly we heard a thunder crack.

We talked about family and the ties that bind,

We watched the wrestler on a little T.V.

She told me my love will not let you down,

In the morning we traveled far, we saw a wreck on the highway.

We took a ride from someone in a stolen car, we didn’t know,

We made it from California to the Jersey shore.

A dream come true as the man they call the boss

We did see and like working on a dream we did meet.

Keith Garrett



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