Tall as it is, rests high upon a cliff overlooking the foggy bay,

Seems so quiet and lonely except for the waves crashing on the rocks.

The cold wind pounds against the rusty, old, lighthouse under the Fall sky,

What keeps guard over this place for a century, what happened long ago.

As if dead it slowly crumbles with time, maybe forgotten as the years go by,

Someone or something does not forget as there exists an anger, revenge.

What is it that haunts this lighthouse, cries in the night within the wind,

Whatever had happened here long ago makes bad things come to any soul.

Stay away! there’s a force here that protects and will take the lives of those

Who will cross the path where once unspeakable acts of murder did happen.

Whomever it is that stands watch can not leave for certain reasons, unfinished work,

Possibly friends or family members whom for whatever reason hang on to a life not here.

The lighthouse shines its light each night but nobody knows just why, always fear,

Never will he or any others be at peace or leave until punishment is complete.

Keith Garrett


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