This night is so dark, so much to see,
All spirits among us, they search for you and me
As the wind howls through the trees and hills,
The terror grows more, in our hearts, it fills.
Look to the sky, search for the moon,
Watch as it grows fore something comes really soon.
All things to believe on all hallows eve,
Feel this fright in you, there’s no way to leave.
The goblins and ghouls steal the souls,
Of fools out on this night as the dead come out of their holes.
One night of the year on Halloween,
Your Imagination will haunt you, all fear can be seen.
Ghosts all around you on a cold, stormy night,
Keep an eye open for the thing that will bite.
As lightning strikes into your sight,
Bats fly above, oh! what a night.
Alone in your mind with what’s real or fake,
It seems like a dream, are you asleep or awake.?
The creatures are coming yet you don’t hear a sound,
There’s a smell all around, does it fume from the ground.?
Now starting to rain on this Eerie Halloween night,
Death sneaks up on you, only darkness, no sign of light.
A cold shiver goes up your spine,
You sense in the fog that nothing is fine.
Turning around to see that it’s me,
No longer alone but lost it is we.
We need to get back to where it began,
Our thoughts and our fears, alive if we can.
Now it’s morning, slowly you awake,
Cold, wet, and dirty, was this all a dream.?
I hope for our sake.

Keith Garrett



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