I moved away to a new place where life would change,

Different streets with names not the same, a distance away.

I was walking along on a cool, autumn day, a shadow displayed,

Dark as most shadows are except this one carries a memory.

There was not a body there but a chill ran up my back so fast,

The feeling was uneasy as I went to bed that night, thoughts of fright.

I felt not alone in my new home, a dream once before was again here,

I stepped into the dark as I awoke In the night, the wind echoed loud.

Through the living room, I moved toward the window, a remembered feeling,

The fear was felt, I was scared but I knew what was waiting outside in the night.

I peeked out the window as once I did before, the wind howling through the trees,

Just as I dreamed more than once before, a being dressed in a robe and mask of black,

He knows that I am Inside watching, he stands there In the windy darkness.

I saw you again just as you were seen In my sleep, you visit me without a reason to be,

Darkness without a face, you wander in silence within dreams, mostly in many a dark place.

Keith Garrett



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