Peeking out at you from the closet or hiding under your bed,

What frightens the mind, what haunts the night.?

From a child’s thoughts, a strangers face in the window,

Sounds in the hall that seem to get closer.

From reality to fantasy, does Frankenstein walk the stormy night,?

Bolts in his neck, a face that terrifies.

Vampires that seek blood and live through the night,

A myth of terror by moonlight.

Does a mummy awaken from his tomb in the cold,

Wrapped in white cloth, does he search for you.?

Bats do fly but will they find you tonight,?

Attack and bite until mornings light.

A black cat sits and watches on this Halloween of fear,

If you cross his path, you will soon disappear.

Ghosts and goblins, creatures of fright,

Witches so ugly, fly on their brooms by the moon.

Castles and curses, haunted houses appear,

Is it all in one’s mind, will they all vanish by light.?

What haunts the night, what scares your mind.?

Keith Garrett


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