I’ve been watching as Thanksgiving grows close each year,

There is a beauty, an ugliness that creeps in with the season.

Why is it that many stress, the look of it appears on their faces,

Anger wanders about the streets as happiness does not greet.

Autumn does not guarantee a turkey, a home, or a clean day,

A man’s woes do not weaken and slip away on a holiday.

Whether we are happy or sad why can we not be glad for life,

Thanksgiving everywhere, some who care even with despair.

We all have something to be thankful for, grateful with a daily breath,

Is it unfair when some don’t care, pass them by with maybe a stare?

It’s easy to be thankful with more than you need, words seem easy,

I saw a man sitting on a bench this day, a smile and have a happy Thanksgiving,

He was alone I could see, a hello, a five dollar bill that brought a tear and a smile to me.

Some passed him by as he was nothing without a name, I remember his eyes,

Thanksgiving everywhere, give a care, love needs to be everywhere.

Keith Garrett



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