Keith Garrett

Another year almost in our book of memories,

Winter is on its way, shorter days, shadows stay.

There’s a cold look to the mountain’s face,

Listen to the early breeze as another season sets in.

The trees shed their leaves, the sun drifts a little away,

See the wildlife gather all that they need.

Lights of beautiful color are raised in the town square,

Warm clothes and jackets are noticed everywhere.

The seeking of gifts is a fun and thoughtful idea,

But for Christmas this year, let’s be thankful for the life we have.

Remembering family and friends whom we’ve lost with time,

Grateful for the ones in our lives that we love.

Each Christmas just as each day may not come our way again,

So whatever the season means to you,

Take time and reflect on the good health you have.

Your family and friends,

Cherish every moment of every day.

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