An English setting, a time of old, a man with a heart so cold,

Snow falling from the sky as the not so fortunate await Christmas.

Friendly he is not, forgotten has he the meaning of love in his day,

Alone he sits, alone he values the riches within his pockets.

To a home, this man enters each night and dines quite silently,

What he will learn soon is sad but true, precious wasted time.

Visited him on this Christmas Eve will be ghosts of three,

The past, present, and future haunt a man such as he.

Through the night travels a burdened soul with a truth,

Where he has come from to now that which he has become.

Sees does this old, bitter man his yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

A chance to change is a most priceless gift of all, forgive us all.

Time wasted but lessons accompanied with tears of regret,

A story told about a man whom with open eyes was blinded.

Given to him by ghosts of three the gift of a chance to change,

Old man from the past, you now walk with a different heart.

Keith Garrett

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