Remember the Flintstones, they lived in Bedrock,

The Jetsons were from the future, they were up high.

Scooby-Doo looked for food, mumbled words, always scared,

Popeye the sailor man sought strength from his Spinach.

Felix the Cat and his magic bag of tricks,

Milton the monster blew smoke from his head.

Johnny Quest out there in space,

They called him space ghost, a boy, a girl, and a monkey.

The fantastic four all had their special power,

Captain America fought for all that was good,

Gigantor the robot, speed racer in his magic car.

The Amazing three and Superman of course,

Magilla Gorilla, Bugs Bunny, or the Roadrunner.

Yosemite Sam with guns in hand, Elmer Fudd after the rabbit,

They come from fantasy, imaginations of dreaming minds.

All live together forever, many more of their kind,

In cartoon land, it’s there where you’ll find.

Keith Garrett


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