I AM THE BOO MAN,

      You have many questions and thoughts about me,

   It Is that you believe  you have seen me, know of me,

  I am In many places, late in the dark I see your faces.

   When you think you see me standing alone In your home,

   Like a nightmarish dream, you can believe what you see.

 I may be at times under your bed when you lay your sleepy head,

       Why am I here, figure It out, what am I all about?

     I am the boo man, laugh at you without much of a sound,

   Peek at you through a window, just know I am always around.

 Follow you I do from place to place, I see you from the street,

You haven't seen me for a while, maybe tonight you'll see my face.

 From your closet, behind the couch, you never know where I really am,

     Every time I show myself then don't forget that I am forever the boo man.

                                        Keith Garrett

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