THE BAD NURSE

    She used to be around many years before, who remembers?

 Cheryl remembers, don't you? she looks different now and she's back.

 You may have been afraid of her as a child, she scared you didn't she,

 Did you lay in bed at night and wonder where she was, was she near?

 The bad nurse has changed, once upon a time she pretended to smile,

  Acting as If she cared, today she is everywhere and ready to scare.

  She'll make her way Into your neighborhood acting as though she's of good,

  Be ever so careful If she comes to your door, knock! knock! hello once more.

  She does In home care but beware the longer she is there, the bad nurse is here,

 Watching over the weak and sick is an everyday joy  but not because of care,

If she's alone with you when not another Is home then beware of what she dares.

 The bad nurse is never done with her type of fun, she'll leave you worse than before,

   You just may survive while she makes you nuts, down the road to torment more souls,

    The bad nurse is much, much worse than anything you have seen before.

                             Keith Garrett

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