BENEATH THE GROUND 

 I was told of a story, something never by me believed,

They live beneath the ground, they come to
Life this night,

As I laughed to him "I asked" 
What comes to life this night?

 What do you believe lives beneath the ground my friend?

 I can not say as from within your mind you could not

 On this Autumn night you must remain inside, not go out.

Why! what's out there this night and why 
Should I remain inside?

They can't come up through the floor, 
Don't ask much more,

 Beneath the ground they are found, they'll know 

If you go outside,
 Something you won't wish to see, leave it alone,

Let the night pass by.

 Your story means nothing to me, step aside so 
 I can go walk the ground,

 Out the door he went, morning light came, 
 Never to be seen again.
                    Keith  Garrett

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