They live beyond daylight, exist In the dark of night,

  Cold as they are dead but not dead, you are the prey.

From Transylvania, the Baltic mountains, 
Carpathian mountains,

 Legends of the vampire are stories told that are 
 So very old.

 Are they real as most think not, open your mind before  
 You become something strange,

 A meal In the night, changed Into a monster  
 Which searches for the blood by moonlight. 

You will experience horrible fear and death beyond  
that which Can be Imagined,

Hiding In a fortress, a massive castle that has stood for  
Hundreds of years,

The castle was destroyed but the vampire has made a new  
 home in this world.

Find you If In these mountains you wander, after                         
dark alone Is not a safe haven for you,

 Dressed as a count would be, blood Is that   
 which a Vampire needs, hunts just to be.

                                             Keith Garrett

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