WHAT HAPPENED TO HARRY BLAKE  Keith Garrett

 He drove to the mountains, to Stoney woods,

 He wanted to run, to get away from his life.

 To a big house where he would not be bothered

 Or found by the outside world.

Stormy weather was approaching as he headed 
Up the mountain,

 If he hurried then he could make it before it hit.

Alone he would be as he pulled up to this big 

 That stood all alone among tall trees,

 He got his things and went inside where dusty furniture  
 Sat in the dark.

 It was cold but there was a big, old, fireplace.

 Harry gathered some wood and started a nice fire

 That kept this creepy place lit for the night,

Harry didn't know it but someone or something was there 

Alone on the 31st of October, Halloween in Stoney Woods,

 It was late, the fire fading, sleep took him away.

 At mornings light, Harry was gone, where did he go?

 On October 31st every year the fire burns in a dark house.

Up on a mountain in Stoney Woods you can hear the echoing

 Voice of Harry Blake, never seen again.

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