HE HAS A NAME OF FEAR

  At one time I'm sure he was a little boy,

  Scared by demons of his early world.

  The sound of his name brings chills of fright,

  To children everywhere as he haunts their life.

  Watch out! Watch out! for the boogey man,

  He may be hiding under your bed if he can.

  In the dark of your closet he may be watching you,

  Keep your feet in the bed, keep your closet closed.

  The boogey man strikes on a dark lonely street,

  In shadows of the night, behind a standing tree.

  Keep your blankets to your eyes, your curtains closed,

  When you shut out your lights, will he be standing 
  In your room.
  Look out for the man, he has a name of fear,

  He'll scare you to death, the boogey man is near.

    Keith Garrett

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