WHAT HAUNTS THE NIGHT

 Stumble upon a haunted house,

 Ghosts of fear that roam everywhere.

 A black cat watches all that you see,

 Not a candle is lit, in a place of misery.

 Through a howling wind, you can listen as it sounds,

 Somewhere out in the darkness, a werewolf cries.

 Lock the windows as they feed in the night,

 Vampires that do not die are there in the moonlight.

 Hidden in the basement is a mummy's tomb,

It rises on a cold, cold, night and wanders till dawn.

 A monster that's brought back to life,

 Frankenstein is a thought full of fright.

 What haunts the night, an old witch on a broom 
 Flying by.

 A spell she casts to those on this night.

 Legends and fables, fantasy or fact,

What haunts the night, is it all in your mind?

                    Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “WHAT HAUNTS THE NIGHT?

    • Thanks for reading. Halloween has never been good for me since as a child when I was 7 my dad fell off a cliff on Halloween night. Palos Verdes, CA. So, I write.

      On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 9:57 AM keithgarrettpoetry wrote:


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