Never can you see me, I'm certainly there always,

 Watching as you do the things that you do, my nephew.

 I'm everywhere and nowhere, In the shadows I lurk,

In the dark of night hiding close by,  
Sometimes close enough to touch.                  

 If you could see me, you'd know there's a very bad man
 That exists inside,                     

 And one who is waiting and seeking you.

 When bedtime comes near and sleep falls upon you,

 Under your bed or closet, I'll make my hiding place.

 Being blind is not a good thing for you as I am here,

 Unfortunately your parents left me here
 to watch over you.

 It's Halloween night and I'll be handing out 
 Candy to all,

 Your little friends until this fun night 
 Comes to an end.

 We'll be all alone, It's just you and me 
 In the dark

 Much fear you will soon learn about,

 I'm your wicked uncle Ernie, And that's what 
  You'll find out.
               Keith Garrett.     

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