MIDNIGHT UNTIL DAWN

 It approaches soon, it's getting near,

 The midnight hour will soon be here.

 They'll be coming for us from beyond what we know,

  How can we stop them, bodies without souls.

  there will be no place to run, you can't possibly hide,

  When the clock strikes midnight until dawn,

  Your screams and cries may be heard.

  It ticks and ticks, the strike of twelve comes near,

  The fear and horror of my not surviving enter my mind.

  Terrified of the knowing what they're coming to do,

  Makes me pray that i wake up from a nightmarish dream.

  We're all on our own in the dark of this night,

  By dawn who will be alive, not used as they planned.

  This is Halloween, not what is supposed to be,

  All things have changed in this world today.

  What is this horror that makes its way into our world,

  How did it start, how did we even know?

  Just a short time more and the night will be done,

  They've been here during the night, 
  But most of us never knew it.
  We were the lucky ones, we are still here,

  For those whom did know are forever gone,

  Now bodies of their own, without souls.

                                                                   Keith Garrett

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