WHEN THE MOON RISES,
                       I AM HUNTED

 They're expecting to see a full moon tonight,
 This will be a nightmare like no other.
 Where I am I have not a clue, not a rational   
 understanding Of any of this,
 I'm a prisoner here, a man trapped in some kind of hell.
 All I remember is camping with my friends by a lake,
 I went to sleep and woke up in this dark, place.
 The only thing I can see is tall trees, still with  
 Not even a breeze blowing,
 There is no sky up there, only a thick smell in the air.
 I don't know who or what keeps me here, but they're here,
 And you can just feel the evil that they bring with them.
 Never do I see them but they let me know in my thoughts,
 They let me feel the horror of what is to be,
 When the moon rises.                                   
 Others have been here before in this same place of doom,
 I don't how I know, perhaps they want me to know.
 There's terror in me now, a horrible feel 
 Of an ending for me,                                 
 They whisper to me in my mind, 
 An insane laughter they have.                                               
 This is a game they play but not in our world,

 Oh my god! they hunger for flesh, 
 when the moon rises, I am hunted,
 They set me free, in my desperation I take off 
 Running into the darkness.                    

 There's no place to hide, I don't know where I am  
 But I know I'm not alone,

 Looking up, I can now see a full moon rising 
 Between the trees,
 I am hunted, they're coming, they're seeking only me.

 Inside I can feel every fear I've ever had, 
 Are they doing it?
 I'm sick now, in my stomach and mind.

 Looking ahead of me, I can see it, there it is! the lake, 

 I run and run, I stumble and fall, I keep falling.

 I awake in a hospital, I've been in a coma.

                                                        Keith Garrett


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