THE LITTLE MAN

On a blustery, cold, evening in early Fall as darkness 
Comes early,

And we were having dinner I thought I heard some laughter,

Everyone's backs were to the window except for mine.

I thought I saw something, an image of a man, 
I'm not sure.

There was a cold shiver up and down my spine but why?

My family was settling in for the night, for me, 
Not this night,

I don't know why I didn't say anything or 
Why I felt this way.

Out the window, I decided to peek and there he was  
Standing in the yard,

The little man, a long beard, dressed in a black robe  
With a cane in his hand.

He knows I'm there, he smiles and disappears, 
He wants something,

No longer do I feel the fear as soon he will 
Surely re-appear.

The little man comes again, standing in the darkness, 
In the wind,

He motions me to come with him, I can't resist 
As he takes my hand.

The little man takes me away, he is not of this world,  
Never am I seen again.

        Keith Garrett                    

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