WHAT'S IN THE DARK?

Don't open the door!, Don't turn off the lights, 
Not tonight,

It comes from anywhere and everywhere, 
It comes without light.

It sees you, It can hear you breathe, afraid! so afraid  
On this night,

From a long time ago it is what was hiding under your bed,  
In the dark.

Peeking in your window as you covered your face,  
Shaking in your bed,

You thought you could hide, foolish as you started to cry, 
It's alive!

 The thing that worried you, thoughts from your mind,  
 In your closet, hiding,

So young as it overpowered that childish Imagination 
Locked inside.

Can you hear it, do you feel it as you're certain  
It watches you with eyes,

 Forget did you to close that closet door, do you 
 Believe it opens more?

Down the hall, what do you hear, yours is the only 
Open door near,

Has it followed you into today, are you afraid 
From yesterday? 

 What's in the dark, does it stay under your bed, 
 Is it in your window,          

 Does it hide in the closet, could it be coming for you  
 down the hall?

 What's in the dark as you remember, has it 
 Followed you from yesterday,

 Will it ever, ever leave your Halloween, will it ever,  
 ever leave your today?

           Keith Garrett

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