ONE A.M.                                              

 When they come, they come in force, from somewhere,

 From everywhere they surround and take whatever is found.

 These things that they are, never do you want to meet,

Their hearts are of black, you are nothing more to them  
Than can be used.

There is no mercy shown when they lay their claws 
Upon you,

Lock your doors, you already know that every year 
At one A.M.

On Halloween, it is they who come from  
someplace of mystery,

Horrible to you but to them a feast on this night  
After the midnight hour.

Hide as you do where they can not see as they will  
Not search for you,

For the foolish, the ones who don't believe or don't  
Think it will happen again,

 At one A.M. if you are within sight then on this night  
 Then you will have no more life.

         Keith Garrett

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