UNDER A FULL MOON

 Beware on this night as you stroll along,

 It's cold and dark, the screeching cry echoes.

Through the hills, into the misty night woods,

He's out there under a full moon, angrily searching.

If you see his shadow beyond the trees,

Then run, as fast and far fore it may be to late.

The smell of your fear lingers in the air,

His thirst for the blood, for the flesh most wanted.

The howling under the moon will be a life saving clue,

Your path is studied, your only escape is 
Behind locked doors.

Your only safety may be the rising sun as dawn 

On this moon risen night he becomes the beast.

He feels no remorse, no heart to be found,

Under a full moon, he stalks the living.

He is a killer in the moonlight,

Under a full moon, he is not kind.

   Keith Garrett

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