WHO ARE YOU?

It's late October and Fall has made its presence,

The wind blows through the emptying trees, less leaves.

Evening is approaching as the sun is falling,

Walking through the park with my shadow following me.

Behind the tree, over my shoulder, it is you I see,

Fear rushes through me as you've been watching.

My footsteps are faster, my heart pounds like a drum,

No longer are you there, I am scared, are you for real?

Run do I for home, safe behind a locked door,

I forgot about you as I relax all alone.

You stare through my window, this I do not know,

I am not scared but soon you will change this.

The wind is loud on this thirty first of October,

My eyes peek out to see the night, your face meets mine.

Horror fills my soul, who are you! who are you!

Again you are gone as I search all around.

I drift off to sleep upstairs in my bed,

Dreaming, I can hear myself ask the words, who are you!

My eyes open in mind numbing fear, it is you!

Who are you! the last words I hear are, 
Do you really want to know.
                                  Keith Garrett

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