VOICES IN THE WIND

Listen to it, can you hear the wind through the trees?

The falling leaves, branches scratching against 
The windows.

 Laying in my bed, slowly drifting off to sleep, 
 The sounds are there,

 It's dark in my room , only the light from the 
 Moon shines through.

The window I close as it is growing cold, drifting  
Clouds bring in the gloom,

 With my head on my pillow, blankets so warm, 
 Thoughts are alive.

Whispering, is it my imagination, was I in a dream state, 
I could only only hope,

I heard it again, I thought it was the blowing wind 
Against the trees.

It started, voices upon voices speaking to me as 
The wind sounds,

 Help me! it hurts! let me in! the words "I cant breathe"  
 Won't let me sleep.

 Why is it that these voices are listened to by my ears,  
 Nervous with fear, 

 What do they want, why don't they leave me alone in  
 My harmless home,

 Voices in the wind, is it me or are there really 
 voices in the wind.
    Keith Garrett

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