THANKSGIVING WITH YOU

When I awake in the morning, I awake to you my 

Rise from bed to the cold, November air, a kiss 
For two.

Coffee for two, hot, as it is tasted and enjoyed,

Outside I go to collect the wood that will bring  
It is foggy and quiet on this Thanksgiving day.

Build I will, a fire for you and I, cozy is the 

Soon the quiet will turn to noise as many things 
Will happen.

A turkey to be prepared for this days' feast, thankful
Is the way,

Into the oven goes the sacrificed bird, many foods 
To taste.

Pumpkin pie and time with those whom are loved.

A day of thanks for all good things, a day of 
Life with you,

Shared are the blessings that have been 
laid upon us.

Listen to the fire as it crackles and pops, see 
It glow,

 The sun slips away early on another Fall day.

Thanksgiving with you is a gift from God, one so 

Happy Thanksgiving my dear, I say goodnight as out 
Go the lights.
                   Keith Garrett


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