WHEN IT'S  THANKSGIVING

To be thankful on such a day, as we awake to peace in  
Our homes,

A warm fire in the morning, coffee, and possibly the 
Paper to read.

A parade is tradition each year in many places, turkey 
In the oven,

Today will be most special as family will gather in  
Places everywhere.

A table with a feast set to celebrate this occasion that  
Began so far back,

Different foods are shared throughout the land, 
Favorites prepared.

Ham, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, as well as many 
Other treats,

A chance to get reacquainted with family and friends 
So long missed.

When it's Thanksgiving there is another side to the day,  
Sad I'll say,

Can we pray for the many homeless families, their stories  
We do not know.

We can wish them well but they need a helping hand to
Lift them up,

To the soldiers out there away from family, wishing  
They were home, safe.

Let's remember and think about them on this day, are 
They okay?
                      Keith Garrett

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