AND YOU, MOM

Thinking back to many celebrations on a Fall day,

I don't recall those early life turkey festivities.

Although many memories are gone with my mom,

There are a few great memories and thoughts of my own.

I think back to a time when I was young, ten I believe,

Yorba Linda was the scene, a family of many, back 
in a dream.
Living in Yorba Linda, nineteen seventy two, 
Thanksgiving day,
Cool and windy is a memory of a time when family 
Was together.
Memories of you, mom, Young and full of life in a 
Yorba Linda town,
Early was a morning when you were the first up, turkey 
In the oven.
So much to prepare, we didn't realize how much work when  
We were young.

Thanksgiving memories, days and meals shared as a family, 
As a dream,
Shadows and ghosts of children whom once we were back 
In a town.
Thoughts of a mother who did have a life, a family once 
Upon a time,
Time seems to pass by in a flash, we were there and 
We are now.
Thanksgiving memories, and you, mom, so many with you 
In the kitchen,
Kids running around, at times bothering you while 
You were busy.
I always go back to Yorba Linda in my mind as it was  
My favorite home,

Holiday memories, you won't be here this year to make  
New ones with us.

We hold on to all the special thoughts and times we  
Shared with you, mom,

Thanksgiving will be a little more quiet without your  
Laughter or voice,

Memories of you and Thanksgiving too, from once a child, 
I'll remember you.

                       Keith Garrett

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